Moving to Los Angeles with Almost no Money or Connections 

Moving to Los Angeles is a major endeavor, and anyone considering it needs to know that it’ll never be easy. The cost of living is huge, and can break anyone’s bank if they aren’t prepared for it. Rent alone will eat up most paychecks every month, and then the extra costs on top of that will leave very little in your savings. Now if you’re scared of having to scrape by for a while until you get established here than you should stop reading now. Those of you who are left I am going to explain how you can move to LA without almost no money or connections.

            I want to start by telling you a little bit about my own personal experience with moving to LA. I was 18 and I had just graduated high school, and I had decided I wanted to be an actor. I found an acting conservatory down in West Hollywood, and decided to make the move in early September. The only money I had was the couple thousand in my savings account from the jobs I had worked in high school. The total amount was barely enough for my first month’s rent check.

            I also had no family or close family friends to help me out while I was getting started out here. The most I had was one friend who I had met about a year before. I didn’t have a job or any prospects for a job even lined up before I decided to make the move. All I knew was that I would do anything to be in a city like Los Angeles. Now this is the extreme plan for moving, but it is possible to do it successfully.            

            Alright now that you know that I was successful with almost nothing here waiting for me I can now tell you how you can be successful also. The first thing you need to know is that you need to want it more than anything. The biggest issue with a city like L.A. is that the whole rush of the city can easily beat you down. There is a lot of stress and tough nights when you start, and if you don’t want it more than anything to be here, then you won’t be here much longer. It is essential that you make the choice that this is the place you want to live more than anything.

            Secondly you need to be willing to work at things you may consider beneath you. There is a lot of competition in this city, and you can’t wait for the right opportunity to show up. At least not until you have something helping feed you, and pay your rent until the perfect job does arrive. This might mean being a dishwasher, or working as a valet to make enough to live for your first year, or until you get a job you really want.

            A lot of people will end up failing in this city because they won’t work in jobs they believe are beneath their pay grade. Life sadly doesn’t work out perfectly all the time, and we all must be willing to work beneath us when we don’t have anything keeping us standing.

            Finally, you must be able to live off a small budget. You need to find ways to cut down and keep your expenses low. This is because you will end up living off very little after your monthly expenses, and you need to be saving as well. A good rule of thumb is to try and save at least 10% of whatever income you make. This way by the end of your first year in the city you will have a strong base of savings underneath you.            
            After you have lived a little bit of a thrifty lifestyle, and have begun to establish yourself a little bit thing will begin to be easier. This is when you will start going out and trying to do what you dream of doing full time. 

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  1. Saw the title of this post and immediately started following your blog. I’m always a fan of people pursuing their instincts and passions by endeavoring to do something challenging and different. I look forward to reading more on your journey as it unfolds!

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