Chasing a Dream


I have noticed that over the course of my young life people had two reactions to me, and the career choice I’ve made. The first reaction that I would get from most people was an overwhelming amount of doubt. People would love to tell me that I was going into a hopeless career where no one is successful. There would be people who would ask what my real career was going to be, and what my back up plan was.

The other reaction that I got very rarely at first was one completely opposite of the first. The people who didn’t ask my backup plan instead began telling me about their dreams and how they were envious of me. These people would continue to tell me about how they gave up and went into a safe field and career. That if they could do what I was doing then their whole lives would be different.

These to reactions were the most common, and they both taught me a lot about life, and the paths we all take. Now I want to explain my dream for a moment, so all of you who haven’t guessed it already will understand. I am an artist, and I am dedicating my life to creating theater in every aspect of the term. I work as an actor, producer, and technician. I also am doing this all with very little formal training, and instead I decided to take the dive.

Now this has been the path that I’ve been following for years at this point, and I am beginning to find two things about following a dream. The first is that I spend every day with a smile on my face. I never walk away from a day of working on set or on stage without a feeling of both fulfillment and just pure joy. This is something that I wish upon everyone. The second thing that I have found about following a dream is that life will fall into place.

There is still a lot of work that must go into fulfilling your dreams, and making yourself successful. You must experience a lot of heart ache and days of feeling like you’ve failed, but things do begin to line up. There is learning that must come out of all your failures, and this will lead to more successes in the future. That is the hard part of following your dreams that people aren’t willing to go through.

I have had my own share of setbacks, and failures. Everyone does, but I also have a life I am happy living, and a career I am happy to be working at every day. Now I also like to prove people wrong, and that has given me a drive to always work and try to be successful. The reason I push myself and have created work for myself was because I want it more than anything. That’s what a dream requires to become reality. It requires you to dedicate all of yourself to making it come true. You must want it more than anything else in the world, or else you aren’t going to be able to hold onto it through all the challenges in creating it.

I can honestly tell you all that after having success in my career. Almost every one of those people who doubted me, have begun to praise my choices. Success makes people realize that something has value, but success is all relative. Therefore, you must never listen to people if they doubt your dreams. You must continue to work towards your goals, and in time they will change your views.

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