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As a child I grew up living all around this beautiful country, but no matter where I was I never got close to living near New York. I was a kid who loved theatre living in places where professional shows were few and far between to see. Despite that I still found theatre through a number of different ways. I was lucky as a kid, and today I want to share my story of how I found theatre in towns other than New York.

Theatre is a staple amongst schools, and many of them have a program that puts on a show or a few little skits here and there. This is something I am beyond thankful for, and it has provided me an outlet in which I️ was able to discover theatre and all that it held.

I️ was never a child who watched things like the Tony awards every year. I️ wasn’t one to go and talk about my favorite actors for hours, but I️ did love to watch. I️ went and saw everything I️ could. My parents would take me to any show around that they could afford the tickets to. That was how I️ discovered so many of the beautiful scores that still run through my head to this very day. My parents provided my education by allowing me to see whatever they could, and I am always going to be grateful for that.

Once in high school I️ shifted gears a little bit and became even more of a self learner. I️ began to say yes to being involved in every aspect of the theatre possible. I️ was the first one there and the last to leave. I️ would go through the old plays and librettos left over from the early years of my school. I️ familiarized myself with everything from a technical aspect. All of this was not forced on me, and I️ had no obligation to learn any of what I️ did. I️ just had a passion.

I️ also dedicated myself to learning the great scores of the last century. One of my friends once told me to never keep anything but musical theatre on hand. That way I️ would always be forced to listen to it and I️ would begin to listen to I️t religiously. This has not changed in five years, and has lead me to learn about so much.

My education in theatre was one that came from so many different places, and I️ have been touched by so many. The people in my life are my ensemble and without them I️ wouldn’t be where I️ am today.

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  1. Just like you, I never lived near NYC enough to see musicals on Broadway, but I saw a show on Broadway once. I was 12 and my mom took me to NYC and she took me to see Wicked. That was the only time I saw a show on Broadway. I did also get to a musical in the West End, which was Les Mis.

    So I relied mainly on touring productions and am so thankful for them. I live in Charlotte, city that shows always tour to. Charlotte is where I live and is the main place shows have stopped by. I have seen Rent, Newsies, Sound of Music, Mamma Mia, Pippin and Wicked in NC. I have seen Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera in Greenville. I have seen Annie in St. Louis. So touring productions are very special because they are the main way to see musicals.

    I even saw college productions of musicals, which were Godspell and Les Mis at community college, and Music Man and Little Shop of Horrors at university.

    But touring productions were how I mainly got to see musicals. I also got to see Cats, Seussical the Musicals, Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast live growing up, but don’t remember seeing them at all. Some of them my parents said I saw in Florida, but don’t know which ones I saw there. I am thankful to live in a country where there are touring productions every year.

    1. Thank you very much for this. I had begun to thought no one was ever reading these articles and it discouraged me. You have made me want to begin working on this blog again. Thank you!

      1. I know how you actually feel. When I first started my blog, it appeared as if no one was reading my blog, but I continued writing because I loved doing it. Eventually I found more success on my blog and loved doing it eve more.

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