Have we Lost Something?

Is there something that has been lost in our modern age. Audiences have become more unruly. People have become more disconnected. Nothing is shocking or surprising to an audience whose gone numb to anything sexual or violent. All around we are a different society that is attached to the phones in our pocket, but has that caused the loss of something.

I️ recently attended a concert where the performers asked the audience to put away their cellphones for a certain song. He wanted to share this work of art, and make a connection between audience and performer. Begrudgingly many in the audience moaned and groaned about the request. Eventually though the audience went dark for the first time all night and I️t was all people. Within minutes though everyone had their phones out, and were shining their flashlights to create a surprise for the performer. Afterwards he thanked us all and said it was a beautiful moment.

Now I️ bring this up as an example because it shows both sides of the this coin. On one side it shows how attached we are to our phones and how hard I️t is for us to disconnect. The other side however shows us that we can create beautiful moments and tributes with our mobile devices, but at a price. The moment everyone brought their phones out again a wall seemed to go back up. The performance became one seen to many in the audience through a screen.

The world will never be the same, but we must learn to leave that wall behind. A performance can only exist at its best when an audience is invested along with the performers. Our cellphones and our minds must be separate for the two hours we dedicate to a performance. Otherwise you and the performance suffer.

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