A Trip to the Library

A magical place exists in every city across the country. Some are large some small, some tailored to one subject or another. The library. Yes like Ilona we are gonna sing praise to the library (for different reasons of course.)

The library is a place all Theatre lovers should be quite acquainted with no matter what city you find yourself in. Your local library almost always has a section dedicated to the arts, and sometimes even better a section for just theatre. This is going to be a home away from home for you.

Along with books and plays about the theater, many libraries will grant you access to their digital and audio files as well. My local library for example has multiple recordings from different Shakespeare festivals. Many of which are full recordings of plays or musicals available for you to listen to at your pleasure.

Another wonderful aspect of these magical places are that they truly exist everywhere, and you are not limited to only using one. Now some private libraries do ask a fee for the use of their collections, but many times it is a negligible cost. What this also means though is that say you have made your way through your libraries collection and need a new treasure trove. You can always find a local college campus and inquire about the use of their libraries and facilities. Many times they have even larger selections for you to choose from. Another great thing about certain college campuses is that they have a program called inter-library loan. This means that say you go in to find a play by Harold Pinter that you’ve been reading about online. Oh no your library doesn’t own a copy in their collection, but they are part of the inter-library loan program. All you have to do is request the play to be sent to your library from another somewhere else in the country and next thing you know your play has arrived!

Now you may be saying duh at this point and thinking how obvious all of this is but many people do not utilize their local libraries. Resources should never be overlooked even if they seem obvious to one person it may be a thought someone else has not considered. If you haven’t already go and take a look at some of your local libraries and see if you find anything perfect for you!

Have a happy trip to the library everyone, and who knows you may even meet a cute optometrist named Paul. Thanks for reading and feel free to subscribe to our email list, and get notified whenever any new articles come out!

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