Theatre that Won’t Bust Your Budget

We all know that going out to a Broadway show can be a pricey venture, even seeing a show at your local, regional theatre or some community theatres have high price tags for many people. High prices for the cheap seats can be the curse of live theatre, and it can be a frustrating experience for anyone. Now many casual theatergoers will either pay the high price or will just move on and take their money to the movies instead. Those of us who are a little more determined to see shows will spend hours searching for discounts or ways to see some of our favorite shows for cheap. Today we are going to give a few ideas on how to see shows on the cheap and maybe even get paid.

Ushering is a win-win for both the theatergoer and your local theaters as well. Many places take volunteers to Usher their shows to help save on costs. This is especially true for community theatre even certain nonprofit regional houses hire volunteers to Usher. Now Ushering is a simple job, and you will have to escort guests to their seats, help hand out playbills, and check that no one is on their phones during performances, but you also will get free entry to the show. This is an excellent job for many and especially helps students who can’t afford to see theatre often. Now some may even be lucky enough to get hired as an usher for a local Broadway touring house and be paid to watch the shows that come through.

2. High School Theatre
Now, this option isn’t free but has a few different upsides that help justify the cost. First and foremost the cost is usually minuscule and equivalent to the price of a movie ticket or a meal for one. This is the case for most High Schools across the country since many are just trying to fill seats. Along with a low price tag you are helping to fund a local community theatre (yes high schools are part of your community theatre.) You also are supporting students of the art form and providing an outsiders audience allowing them to gain essential experiences. Many people forget that High School theatre is a viable source of entertainment, and is open to the public not just students and parents. However, these are young students of the art form, and that must be remembered. You are not going to be attending a Broadway level quality show, but you will be exposed to new plays and musicals while helping your community in the process.

3. Goldstar and Other Discount Sites
Again this is not a free option, but an option nonetheless for anyone hungry to see shows. Goldstar is a website dedicated to filling unsold seats to a variety of Theatre and other performances. Check their site for great deals and discounted tickets. Along with Goldstar, you can always try sites like Ticketmaster, Seat Geek, and StubHub to name a few. These sites are staples for finding discounted prices, and many times the earlier you buy the cost of tickets will be significantly better.

4. Volunteer to Help Tech
Many community theatres not only accept volunteers to usher but also ask for help in the technical aspects of assembling a show. Now, most areas of tech theatre do require some prior knowledge, but most community theatres will find a place for a willing helper. If you have any skills in sewing, painting, or using a drill, there is usually a place for you. Many times the reward for assisting on a show is the promise of free tickets, or even the ability to work the show. This is an excellent way for students to add experience to their resumes or ordinary patrons to fill their spare moments on the weekends. Along with helping yourself and getting to help put together vital pieces of the show you also support the theatre in their effort provide quality entertainment.

If any of you are ever in New York City and are looking for cheap same-day Broadway tickets than you can always consider TKTS. These booths are spread throughout the city with the most famous being located under the famous red stairs in Times Square. These booths are a real treasure to any fan of Broadway. Now the only catch is these are same day tickets, so you never are assured on which shows will be selling at a discount, but if you can handle that then there are no better deals in town.

These are a few ways for anyone to be able to see theatre at a more affordable rate, and maybe help your community in return. The theatre is nothing without its community, so before you decide that the ticket is too expensive to see if there isn’t a way you can help the show for a free performance in return. Please be sure to follow and subscribe for even more advice and theatre news!

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