Top 20 Musical Theatre Songs to Get You Through the New Year!

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Now to kick off the new year, we are going to give you a new playlist to kick off this year of theatre!

  1. Seize the Day (Newsies)
Jeremy Jordan (Center) Andrew Keenan Bolger (Right) and other Newsies cast singing. 

A modern classic, and fan favorite as well. Seize the day is the perfect song to begin your 2019 and inspire you to work on the resolutions list. It is all about getting out there and making the most of every opportunity the day throws at you. Let it help you kick off your days in 2019!

2. Put on Your Sunday Clothes (Hello Dolly) 

Company of Hello Dolly singing Put on Your Sunday Clothes

A classic song from one of Broadways most beloved musicals Put on Your Sunday Clothes is a wonderful addition to any playlist. Like Barnaby and Cornelius go out there and see the world full of shine and sparkle. Get dressed up and take on the new year in style. It is a world full of adventure and beauty and you gotta see it!

3. When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground (Finding Neverland)

Finding Neverland

This song should definitely be on your playlist for 2019! It is a wonderful and heartbreaking song about finding your calm in the storm. We all have those days where we need our own sense that we are safe. This is a song to help you whether the bad days and find a that feeling of when your feet don’t touch the ground. 

4. Corner of the Sky (Pippin)

Image from most recent Revival of Pippin on Broadway

We all want a life larger than ourselves and to find the place where we belong. This song is all about finding that place, and having your corner of the sky. Let it inspire you to keep searching for it in 2019!

5. Defying Gravity (Wicked)


A perfect song for your 2019 playlist. You can belt out with Elphaba about trying to defy the odds and being the greatest you possible. IT’s inspiring, uplifting, and a great song to pump you up on a bad day. 2019 won’t get you down!

6. I’m Here (The Color Purple)

Cynthia Erivo in the Color Purple 

A song that should be blasted through your car speakers as you belt your face off! This song is all about loving who you are and knowing that who you are is all you ever need in this world. Perfect if you’re ever feeling down and out!

7. One Day More (Les Mis)

The company of Les Miserables

This song will help you get through those tough times. When you’re feeling like the end is never insight play this and it’ll help you go just “one day more.” A must for anyone in 2019!

8. I Can Do Better Than That (Last Five Years)

The Last Five Years

With social media it’s easy to feel like you aren’t going as far as everyone else or your life just isn’t as exciting. This song is perfect for those moments to help remind yourself that you can do better in your own life, and get you inspired to live everyday! 

9. Breathe (In The Heights)

Breathe In The Heights

Stop. Take a moment, and breath. This song represents a feeling that so many of us have known, and the message behind it all is to breathe. Keep going through and you will find your way. 

10. Don’t Rain on My Parade (Funny Girl)

Funny Girl

A classic song about how nothings gonna get you down. You are rolling and life is going good and the rain will not ruin your parade! Neither will 2019 with this song on your playlist. 

11. My Shot (Hamilton)

Alexander Hamilton and the Schuyler Sisters

Lin Manuel Miranda sums it all up perfectly! Like Alexander Hamilton do not throw away your shot and go out and take 2019 by storm. A perfect song to wake up to in the morning and get you motivated for the day.

12. Purpose (Avenue Q) 

Princeton signing Purpose with moving boxes

If you have ever felt like your wandering through life this is the song for you. It is just like the title says, it’s all about our purpose in life. Princeton sums up trying to find your purpose in life perfectly!

13. You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel)

Renee Flemming performing You’ll Never Walk Alone

A favorite of Liverpool fans for years now. This song is a true musical theater anthem that has broken far beyond our own little niche of the world. Perfect for those moments where you feel like no one is there. 

14. Falling Slowly (Once)

Falling Slowly (Once)

A perfect song for the new loves and new beginnings that 2019 will bring your way. A beautiful song on any playlist.

15. She Used to Be Mine (Waitress)


This song is absolutely heart wrenching, and hauntingly beautiful as well. Something to listen to this 2019 in those moments when you feel life has broken you to pieces. This song will remind you that you are not alone and it is okay to mourn the loss of the person you once were.

16. Rent (RENT)

Do you ever really hate the first of the month. Does paying your rent just get you down. This is that song you should listen to on the first of every month this 2019 about the struggles of paying this months rent. Perfect to sing at the top of your lungs as you watch the money just disappear out of your account.

17. Chip On My Shoulder (Legally Blonde)

We all need that chip on our shoulder to make us work hard and strive for something. This song is all about finding that chip on your shoulder and letting it fuel you through 2019.

18. Stick It to the Man (School of Rock)

The title says it all, sometimes you just need to say screw it and stick it to the man. This song is for when you just want to scream about lie and need that outlet.

19. Whistle a Happy Tune (The King and I)

For those moments in the new year when you are feeling scared or down listen to this song. Just hold your head erect and whistle a happy tune and no one will suspect.

20. Seasons of Love (RENT)

Rounding out the list is seasons of love a classic guaranteed to make you cry. Listen to this and decide how you want to measure this next year.

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