An Actor Must Prepare: For Instagram!!

The world today is connected through the powers of social media platforms. Many of us spend hours of our lives scrolling through the photos of peoples days on Instagram, the tweets on today’s latest fad, and the political rants broken up by puppy videos on Facebook. One way or another we are drawn to social media, and come into contact with it quite often by mistake.
Social media can also be a powerful tool in the hands of the right people, and our world is full of influencer’s. These people have dedicated their lives to posting their top pics online for the world to see. The posts are slowly awarded with more and more new followers and likes, and their online presence begins to grow. Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with you. Why as an actor do you need to build your own online presence and social media following?
We’ll start with the basics. An actors product is themselves, and the critical component to their work is who they are. This means that an actors brand is everything and how you sell yourself to the world will mean a lot for your career. There are even some casting agencies that will ask about your online following for a multitude of reasons. Social media is a large place for actors to brand who they are and what makes them unique.
Now social media is no replacement for talent, and it does not mean that a strong brand will instantly cause success. Talent will always stand out, but social media can be a tool to demonstrate your own abilities. That is one of the best parts of social media. It is designed for you to share the moments of your life that you chose. This can mean sharing only the best and brightest of what you have to offer to the world. This is indeed a blessing in disguise, and used the right way will boost you.
To begin building a brand one has to start posting. This does not mean a poorly lit bathroom selfie you took. It means quality photos showing you living your life, and exploring the world around you. Take pictures everywhere and be that person. Share the best ones with the world and let everyone know what you’ve been up too. Along with quality photos you also need to post consistently. You cant allow for dry spells between posts, and the more often you post quality pictures, the more likes on Instagram.
Reaching out on social media is also incredibly important. Why should people be interested in you if you don’t show interest in their endeavors as well? Search up a popular hashtag for your niche and like a hundred pictures in it a day. Then go another step and comment on the images you like the most. This will not only get your name out there but show you actively participate and encourage others in similar pursuits.
Cross-share on your platforms as a follower from Twitter may see a picture and want to look at your Instagram as well or vice versa. Most of our social media is built to allow cross-platform sharing easily, so take advantage of it.
Finally, you must work on your social media every day, and that is no easy task. Take it from someone who once detested the use of social media and sat for months on end without posting. It was because I didn’t understand the power of the tools I was given, and once I did, it made a world of difference in my life. Now go out there and start building your brand, and who knows maybe I’ll be following you one day.

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