Behind the Curtain Broadway’s Living Legends Review

Podcasts are an excellent way to pass a long road trip, or even to split up over a few subway rides. There are hundreds of them out there and many tailored to the many different niches of the world. This means that there is a fair share of Theatrical podcasts inhabiting the world today, and supplying new weekly episodes to their listeners. One of these podcasts is Behind the Curtain: Broadway’s Living Legends.
The Podcast is dedicated to capturing the stories of the many actors, producers, designers, and many others who have helped shape Broadway. Many of these peoples whose stories have never been captured or recorded in one continuous interview. These interviews make up their weekly Monday episodes and tend to run from an hour to an hour and a half. The interviews follow a similar pattern of going through the weekly guest’s life and career chronologically. However stories tend to spark stories, and there is always the possibility a guest may go off on a tangent for a few moments. This gives a beautiful sense of excitement though as to what these tangents may lead to and what secrets may be revealed. Their guests all discuss the significant points in their career and begin with their first experience with the theatre itself. If you have the time and love the behind the scenes stories of these peoples lives then invest some time and take a listen. The interviews are lively and always incredibly interesting, and are worth the listen.
Now their Thursday episodes follow a very different style. While Monday’s tend to be of a formal and to the point tone Thursdays are more relaxed in comparison. The Thursday episode is named Favorite Things, and it is when the hosts discuss a book, show, person, or a multitude of other things that they feel is often overlooked. These episodes tend to be between fifteen to thirty minutes each and have the tendency to stray off topic. I find the tangents fun in many cases, and quite comedic. The impressions in particular always bring about a laugh from me as I listen. Now if you prefer again to get towards the topic, then the fast forward is your friend, and you should look to when they announce their first favorite thing. Once they have begun discussing the episode gains focus and the information is terrific. Much of it is opinion based out of facts, but it is a treasure trove for any theatre aficionado looking for new information or obsessions. Overall Thursdays are for the casual listener who is okay with listening to banter and jokes before the facts are delivered.
The hosts are lovely and tend to be incredibly informed and charming. The show’s hosts are Robert W. Schnieder and Kevin David Thomas. Both of whom have extensive backgrounds in the theatre and work on current projects as well. Rob and Kevin often surprise their guests with the information they have prepared and the questions they ask. Both take this show seriously and come well informed. Many times they have interesting discussions with each other over one another’s favorite things that are interesting and informative.
Overall the podcast is a beautiful source of some incredible stories about this industry. Please go ahead and check it out if you are looking for a great place to hear the stories of theatrical legends that you can’t find anywhere else often.

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