Theatre Tips for your New York Vacation

New York City is an almost holy place for any theatre lover, and you must make the trip at least once. When you do, it can be a little overwhelming figuring out which shows to see and how to get the best prices. Today we are going to be giving you some tips and tricks on how to get the most theatre even on the shortest vacations and smallest budgets!

  1. Look Before You Book
  2. Buying tickets online is getting simpler every day now, and deals are all over the internet for the best seats in town. However, the safest bet when you start to look is by using trusted ticketing sites. Once you’ve made a reservation and your plans are set, that’s when you can begin to glancing around ticketing sites. There are plenty of places to look, but I recommend looking up shows directly that you want to see first. Once you know what shows you want to look at and check out the seating situations it makes it easier to find good deals on resale sites such as a Ticketmaster.
    Decide what shows you are interested in and look to see which ones have matinee performances as well. This is important especially if you are on a tight schedule and only have so many days. A matinee can help add an extra show to a trip that would have a few evening performances otherwise.
  3. Buy Newer Shows First
    Many times the best deals come through shows that have been running for a while or are not doing the best in the box office. Now we will talk about those in a minute, but first, let us discuss newer and hotter shows. Sometimes the hottest tickets in town are scarce to be found on cheap ticketing sites and are much harder to buy last minute. Figure out which of these shows you want to see first because they will be the ones you buy the furthest out from your trip.
    When you decide on which hot ticket you would like to begin scouring those same sites and looking for specials or sales they may have. Also, consider seeing these shows during a matinee since these tends to be cheaper in general. IF the tickets at the top of the balcony are still too expensive, then you may look if the show has standing room or a lottery. Standing room is excellent for those who don’t mind not having a seat and allows you to see newer shows for incredibly cheap.
  4. Consider a Little Adventure!
    All right so after you have pre-purchased your absolute must-see shows, this is when you can be a little more spontaneous. The fantastic TKTS Ticket Booth’s are scattered in the boroughs of New York and provide incredible deals. Now here’s the catch, you are buying tickets for the same day, so you don’t know what you’re going ever to get. This is when your research comes in handy!
    Say you saw a show you were on the fence about getting tickets too. You didn’t end up buying them cause it was just not worth the price to the seat. Now that show is on the TKTS board and its 50% off for orchestra seats! Instantly you have won, and you know you’re getting a fantastic deal. I highly recommend this for anyone who does mind a little mystery if what exactly theyll get to see.
  5. Consider Off-Broadway
    There are shows all over New York, and many of them go for a lot lower ticket price than Broadway if your budget is tight considered going to one of these beautiful productions instead. Many of these shows are of high quality, and in some cases, direct transfers of Broadway runs. Take Avenue Q, for example; the production was a direct transfer from Broadway to Off-Broadway.

Bonus: TDF
All right if you love theatre and plan on being in New York City, often I highly recommend subscribing to TDF. They have an incredibly low yearly cost, and it allows you access to specially discounted tickets!

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