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Lin Manuel New Partial Owner of The Drama Bookshop

We recently talked about the famous Drama Bookshop that resides in the Manhattan Theatre District. The shop received Lin Manuel Miranda and three of his Collaborators on his smash musical “Hamilton,” as new owners. The move that has come as a bit of a surprise is a joint operation between the team and the City of New York.
Julie Menin, the mayors’ media and entertainment commissioner, was quoted saying, “The store is a gem and a cultural institution in New York, and we want to make sure it’s saved.” A prior incident of the city stepping in to help save a Manhattan recording studio with the Berklee College of Music was given as precedent for the arrangement.
The bookshop which sells about 155,000 items a year is set to close January 20th of this year. The store will then look for new housing and is set to re-open sometime later this fall.
The store has been a staple of the many young artists who flood New York City — offering a large selection of plays, biographies, vocal scores, and miscellaneous writings on the Theatrical artform.
Lin Manuel Miranda was among the many artists the bookshop has affected as much of his musical In the Heights was written in the shops basement. Miranda was quoted as saying, “When I was in high school I would go to the old location and sit on the floor and read plays — I didn’t have the money to buy them.” The Drama Bookshop is also where he met his Hamilton collaborator and fellow owner Tommy Kail.
Miranda, Kail, and James Nederlander purchased the property from former owner Rozanne Seelen. The store was bought for the worth of the current inventory and a little rent support for the stores final weeks. She will be maintained as a consultant for the

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