The Cursed Scottish Play

The theatre is a place full of superstitious belies such as the Ghost lights, Ghosts, and most famously the curse of Macbeth. Macbeth also known as the Scottish Play, Mackers, The Bards Play, or for the common folk that “All the worlds a stage” play. Macbeth is a standard Shakespeare tragedy, and has productions all over the world every year. However the name of this show and the surname of it’s titular character are infamous.

There are many variants on belief, but the general thread between them is that the name brings bad luck. Actors I have met in my travels will refuse to say Macbeth any other moment besides in the actual show. There is a fear that it will curse you, and worse the show you are on currently.

The belief started from a few different incidents spawning off of productions of Macbeth dating back to the original. According to legend the woman who originally portrayed Lady Macbeth died on opening night August 6th 1606. This has been debunked for multiple reasons such as there is no possibility of knowing who played Lady Macbeth, and the fact that women were portrayed by teenage boys in the era of Shakespeare.

Along with the issues mentioned above it is almost impossible to know the true date of this first performance. According to the earliest written account we have the first record of anyone seeing a performance was in 1611. However historians believe that the play must of been written after 1605 due to references specific to the era. The consensus tends to be that the first performance most likely would have taken place sometime in 1606 but the date is lost to the ages.

Another popular tale accounted to the curse of Macbeth is that the witches spells hold true black magic. Now besides the debate on whether magic is true or not there is no evidence of the witches incantation in other literature of that time. IT is merely hocus pocus for the stage, and yet still receives a bad rap whenever someone is unlucky enough to rip a hole in their costume.

What are your thoughts on the famous cures of Macbeth. Does it truly bring destruction to shows and the people in them. Do the witches cast curses as the chant each night. Do you spin around three times whenever someone says the forbidden name. Leave a comment and let us know!

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