Richard Rodgers Theatre Another Haunted House

Currently home to the smash-hit Hamilton, the Richard Rodgers theatre is said to be home to it’s own host of paranormal cast members as well.

The theatre was built in 1925 and originally named, “Chanin’s 46th Street Theatre.” The theatre was leased to the Shuberts until they purchased it outright in 1931. The Shuberts maintained the theatre until 1945 when it was again taken over by new management. The theatre would change hands three more times until finally being purchased in 1981 by the Nederlander Organization. The Nederlanders renamed the theatre after the late great Richard Rodgers in 1990.

Stories of ghosts at the theatre are as current as the last few years. Many actors and crew have various claims to experiences with the paranormal. One such experience came in 2010 from actress Blanca Camacho, who claimed to have seen reappearing red lipstick smudges in the women’s dressing room. The marks are said to have been painted over multiple times, but to no avail since they would reappear without fail.

After the theatre goes dark it is said that the sounds of howling and people moving about take over the space. The typical signs of a ghost are present with doors moving on their own, strange sounds, and spontaneous items falling to the ground.

However the most intriguing of all these claims are those of the Redheads who inhabit the theatre. Over the years there are multiple sightings of redheaded ghosts who haunt the theatre. The sightings tell of redheaded women who inhabit the space and are benevolent but present.

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