14 Musical Theatre Love Songs perfect for Valentines Day

1.It Only Takes a Moment (Hello Dolly)

Kate Baldwin in the most recent revival of Hello Dolly

We’ve all heard of love at first site, and this song sums up the feeling.
Cornelius Hackl sings about the instant he fell in love with Ms. Mallory Malloy. The song is a sweet one telling of how it only took a moment for him to experience the love of a lifetime. A perfect duet for you and your significant other to sing this valentines day.

2.Falling Slowly (Once)

A shilling duet from the musical Once. This song is the perfect way to describe your need for whoever you may love. Who knows you may be falling slowly for your valentine this year.

3.You Matter to Me (Waitress)

WAITRESS MUSICAL ORIGINAL BROOKS ATKINSON THEATRE 256 W. 47TH ST. Jessie Mueller Jenna Nick Cordero Earl Christopher Fitzgerald Ogie Keala Settle Becky Eric Anderson Cal Charity Angel Dawson Ensemble Thay Floyd Ensemble Drew Gehling Dr. Pomatter Kimiko Glenn Broadway debut Dawn Molly Hager Broadway debut Ensemble Aisha Jackson Ensemble Dakin Matthews Joe Jeremy Morse Broadway debut Ensemble Ragan Pharris Broadway debut Ensemble Stephanie Torns Ensemble Ryan Vasquez Ensemble

Another slow but haunting duet. This song is all about the simple act of telling someone they matter. That in this world with everyone around us your love is the person who matters most to you.

4. I’ll Cover You (Rent)

This duet is all about the way two people in love compliment one another. You do not buy love you “rent” it from that other person and make one another stronger.

5. Do You Love Me (Fiddler on the Roof)

We all wonder this question from time to time. This duet is about two people who were an arranged marriage learning that the feeling of love is truly there. That they did not miss it.

6. If I Love You (Carousel)

Often times seen as one of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s best love songs, and rightly so. This duet is all about the way we better ourselves if we were to be in love.

7. What More Can I Say (Falsettos)

This heartbreaking song sums up just how hard it can be to tell the person you love what exactly they mean to you.

8. The Next Ten Minutes (The Last Five Years)

The Last Five Years is a beautifully tragic story about the romance of two people, Jamie and Cathy. This duet is the moment their two story lines are connected in the show, and all in time for Jamie to ask Cathy to spend the next ten minutes with him and everyone after that as well.

9. Seven Wonders (Catch Me if You Can)

Our world is filled with wonders far and wide, but this love song is about how none of them compare to the one you love. A perfect duet to sing with your crush about how much they mean to you.

10. On the Street Where You Live (My Fair Lady)

When you fall in love with someone the littlest things in the world can shift drastically. This song is all about how those changes and how a street you’ve walked a thousand times before is completely different.

11. If I Were A Bell (Guys and Dolls)  

Guys and Dolls has some wonderful love songs, but none quite compare to that giddy feeling you get from If I Were a Bell. This song sums up perfectly what love is like in its happiest moments.

12. Vanilla Ice Cream (She Loves Me)

This song is a cute song from She Loves Me. It is all about realizing that the littlest gestures can mean so much such as someone bringing you Vanilla Ice Cream.

13. So In Love (Kiss Me, Kate)

A straight forward love song by the one and only Cole Porter.

14. Time Stops (Big Fish)

Big fish was not a hit on Broadway but this song is perfect for your valentines day. This duet is about the moment you fall in love and how the world seems to stop around you.

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