Longest Running Plays: #8 Mary, Mary

Continuing our countdown of the 10 longest running plays in Broadway history is number 8 Mary, Mary. Mary, Mary by Jean Kerr, began its run at the original Helen Hayes Theatre on March 8th, 1961 after only two previews. The show ran until December 1964, and closed after 1,572 performances.

The show is a little nugget of comedy about marriage, sex, interpersonal relationships, and life after marriage. The plot focuses on Mary, and her ex husband Bob. After nearly nine months of post divorce life, the two are forced to see each other for the first time. The threat of an audit is what brings about the unhappy reunion in Bob’s apartment.

The two meet to discuss the impending audit, and how they may completely avert it. While there the couple gets snowed in and Mary is forced to spend the night. The next morning they are joined by the remainder of the cast of characters. These include their close friend and lawyer Oscar, Hollywood heartthrob and neighbor Dirk Winston, and Bob’s considerably younger fiancĂ©e Tiffany. The rest of the show goes on to explore the themes mentioned above, and how life continues on in the wakes of divorce.

Another show lost to the age of musicals, Mary, Mary still holds a spot in history as the eighth longest running play in Broadway history. The play is available for purchase and every theatre aficionado should pick up a copy of theatre history.

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